Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rock

No, not that one.

This one.

Look, there's no way to sugarcoat this so I'm just going to come out with it.  Our pup, Roxy is in love with a rock.  At first we thought she had a strange fixation with rocks in general, but we soon realized that it was just one rock.  It is a smooth, gray medium-sized rock that is generally unremarkable except for the fact that our dog is desperately attached to it (however, for the purposes of this story, the rock's name is Pierre and he speaks with a French accent).

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Our first indication that Roxy had gone over the deep end for Pierre was when we repeatedly saw her barking at him, crying and batting him around the yard, only to later find her canoodling with him, napping with him, and even grooming him. Eventually she became so attached to Pierre that she smuggled him into the house every chance she got.  Unfortunately for her, repeatedly dropping a rock on a hardwood floor will attract unwanted attention.

After about a week of observing this bizarre behavior, I came to the conclusion that Roxy's inexplicable aggression/affection toward Pierre could only mean one thing - girlfriend was in love.  And the more I observed this improbable relationship between a dog and a rock, the more I began to understand their story - a complex story of forbidden desire, heartbreak and 80's love songs.  A modern-day West Side Story, if you will.

At first Roxy and Pierre were as happy as could be...

But after a while we noticed that Cooper was becoming agitated by Roxy's newfound friendship, and I believe he intervened.

Musical Interlude...

Suddenly we didn't see Pierre around the house anymore.  Occasionally we'll find him in the mulch by the plant beds or out back by Mr. B's shed, but we haven't seen Roxy and Pierre together in over a week.  I can only assume that Roxy had to let him go.

But very late at night, from somewhere in our back yard I can hear the faint melody of a sad, sad song...

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