Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

Although I'm sure the blogosphere has been chock-full of "posts of gratitude" this week, I'm jumping on the bandwagon anyway.  After all, if we can't give thanks for the stuff that makes life worth living, then we really don't deserve it, do we?  Don't worry, I won't bore you with an itemized list of everything I'm thankful for.  Instead I'm going to give you a show-and-tell about my Thanksgiving this year.

First, I must say that my Thanksgiving was spectacular - full of love and laughs, and the food was, hands down, the bomb biggity of  all Thanksgiving feasts (a huge shout out, a gold star and a tip of the cap to my brother and his extraordinary wife for being such rock star hosts).

So in addition to all that I am grateful for, I am also thankful for Thanksgiving.  It never disappoints.  Here are some of this year's highlights:

This Shopping Cart

Who knew that a shopping cart would save the day?  If it weren't for the quick thinking, resourcefulness and questionable morals of Mr. Bizzle and my dear brother, our Thanksgiving turkey might not have been (or at best, it would have been so-so).  We are serious about grilling turkeys, so when a broken grill grate threatened our quest for a moist and delicious bird, the boys swiped a shopping cart from a bus stop, took it apart with hacksaws and fashioned a new grill grate.  Hey, all the Lowes and Home Depots were closed, so they had to improvise.  Don't judge.  Grilled turkey is delicious.

Hello, Delicious.

Since we're on the subject of DELICIOUS, let's talk about my Dad's cauliflower gratin.  In a nutshell, my dad is to cauliflower gratin what Michelangelo was to the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

My Precioussss

Speaking of Dad, here he is carving the turkey with his fan club waiting patiently for a handout.  Wherever Dad goes, you can be sure there's gourmet food nearby.  I hope that one day I'll be half the chef (and half the person) that he is.

And of course, there's Mr. Bizzle.  In my opinion, he is the greatest candid photo subject on earth.  In this photo, he has a beer label stuck to his forehead and is scanning a bar code on a beer bottle with his smartphone during a game of Pictionary.  And he wonders why he never wins.

...and here he is at the end of the night trying to get some shut-eye.  Awesome.

For me, the best part about Thanksgiving is the warmth of family and friends.  The only gift exchanged is the gift of one another's company, and for that I am truly grateful.
A La Famiglia!