Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Pretty Lame Things That I Enjoy

1.  Putting Peeps in the microwave. There's something exhilarating about playing a game of chicken against a household appliance.  It's so damn hard not to fly too close to the sun.

Well played, sir.

2.  Driving through dimly lit tunnels.  I feel inexplicably cool - sort of like that girl from the 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial.  Note to self:  MUST BUY KANGOL HAT.

3.    The way a lime wedge classes up a drink.  I don't care of you're drinking Mad Dog 20/20.  Throw a lime wedge in there and you're on your way to high society.

4.  Poking Mr. B in the "chimple" (chin dimple).  It's fun and addictive.  He finds it irritating.  He's so selfish.

5.  Chewing Skittles until they turn into pure sugar.  Try it some time, it's like a science experiment!  I should mention that I rarely eat candy (with the exception of chocolate, which is good for you), but when I do, I eat Skittles.  Stay sugary, my friends.  Ok, that was pretty weak.  I'll just stop here.


  1. I want a Peep in the tunnel with a large helping of Chimple, but who is the cool dude at the end about my age smoking a cigar. Can I have his phone number?

  2. That cool dude is The Most Interesting Man in the World. He does the Dos Equis beer commercials. I suppose if you've never seen those commercials, #5 is probably EXTRA lame. :0)