Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Need to Talk About Ice Cream

I consider myself more of a savory than sweet person and I don't often eat dessert, but lately I've been on a ridiculous ice cream kick.  A kick that will soon end, no doubt, as I'm pushing maximum density and my "fat pants" have become tight on me.  But for now I'm enjoying the hedonistic ride along Triglyceride Highway.

This all started about a month ago when I saw some ice cream recipes in a magazine that looked utterly divine. The recipes all required an ice cream maker, and alas, I didn't have one, so I decided to ask Mr. B for an ice cream maker for our anniversary.  We've been churning fools ever since.  We've made everything from vanilla to mango to strawberry cheesecake, and each one turns out better than the last.  But last night I hit the jackpot.  

Last night I made Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  It was my first time making a custard-based ice cream and I knew that making caramel can be tricky, but I just had to try it.  Before I got started, I read through all of the recipe comments and decided that instead of using 3 whole eggs, I'd use 5 egg yolks, and instead of using 1/2 tsp. of Maldon sea salt, I'd use 1 tsp. of regular sea salt.  Glad I did.  It is perfection.  

If you're a fan of salted caramel, you will love this.  It has true salted caramel flavor, and the texture is super smooth and creamy.  Heaven in a scoop.  I had some for lunch in a sugar cone.  Is that wrong?


  1. Holy crap. That looks amazing. I have to try it.

    Have you by any chance made any of the blue cheese/goat cheese ice cream that are recently all the rage?

  2. It's pretty insane-o. You'll love it. I have not tried the cheese-flavored ice creams, have you? I did have a spectacular pretzel ice cream at a restaurant last year. It wasn't sweet - it actually tasted like pretzels. It was served alongside a flourless chocolate cake. It was absolutely amazing.

  3. I am somewhat similar to you. I don't like sweets, but I love ice cream. I have made sugarless ice creams many times. An idea of salty ice cream- I am listening this for the very first time, I will certainly try this one as well. For more information on ice creams and ice cream vans-

  4. Hi Jonathan, thanks for reading my blog! I just checked out your website and it looks like you know a lot about ice cream! The salted caramel ice cream is very good. It's both sweet and salty. I hope you give it a try. :0)